As the school year approaches yet again, it is time to get all of the after-school activities organized. Young children don’t always know what sport or other extracurricular activity is right for them, so it is best to pick basic activities that they can learn life lessons from. Martial arts is a great option, even for young children, to teach them many lessons in the area of discipline, obedience, and confidence, all wrapped up in a fun environment. In today’s blog post we are going to discuss a variety of ways that Martial Arts classes can help your child thrive.  Traditional Taekwon-Do Center of Interbay in South Tampa offers after-school classes for multiple age groups. 

#1 Exercise

It is getting harder to find things that will get your child off the couch and away from a screen. After-school Martial Arts classes will keep them consistently moving with fun activities. Training in Martial Arts involves working the entire body — from a child’s brain to their arms and legs. Research shows that daily exercise helps your child grow and prosper in numerous ways.  

#2 Listening

Just like any sport, Martial Arts requires your child to listen closely to their instructor to be able to learn how to execute each move. The ability to listen is difficult for a lot of kids, especially during the first three or four years after learning how to express their thoughts through words. Learning how to listen and take instruction will help your child not only in school, but throughout their entire life. 

#3 Discipline

Martial Arts is something that takes a lot of hard work and training. In the process of learning Martial Arts techniques, your child will be taught the importance of self-discipline. It takes time and patience to learn each individual move and even more so when those moves start being combined in more advanced training.

#4 Goal Setting

In a sport like Martial Arts that takes a lot of discipline, it is helpful to set goals for yourself to track your progress. At Traditional Taekwon-Do Center of Interbay, our instructors work with your child to set goals for themselves. This is a vital skill for your child to learn early in life to teach them to push themselves and celebrate when goals are achieved. The ranking system in Martial Arts pushes children to become better and reach for higher goals.

#5 Confidence

Each accomplishment made in Martial Arts, especially achieving those goals that are set, will help your child gain confidence in themselves. Having confidence in yourself is something that even adults struggle with when it comes to their career as well as parenting. Building your child’s confidence at a young age will help them take risks and become the best that they can be.  

#6 Teamwork

Children love making friends and stick together like glue. The teamwork setting that we have at Traditional Taekwon-Do Center of Interbay fills that want of being with friends and having fun while also teaching them the valuable skill of working as a team. 

#7 Athleticism

As we mentioned at the beginning, your child may not know exactly what they want to do when it comes to extracurricular activities. Martial Arts will increase both their coordination and overall athleticism, which they will be able to utilize in other sports as well.

Enrolling In Classes

Our mission here at Traditional Taekwon-Do Center of Interbay in South Tampa is to share our passion for Martial Arts with your child. Seeing our students benefit from Martial Arts classes in each of the areas listed above is an amazing feeling. We cannot wait to begin this journey with your child. Call us today to enroll your child in after-school classes!